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Claudia Secoban

Akashic Records Reader
Reiki Grand Master Teach
er / Positive Psychology Coach


Your Soul Mission.

Your Soul Specialisation.

Your Life Lessons.

Your Past Lifetimes.

Discover the Power of Akashic Records with my exquisite 20-30 pages personalized PDF Reports

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are a repository of information that contains the collective knowledge, experiences, and memories of every soul that has ever lived. This information is stored in the etheric realm and can be accessed through meditation and intention.
Akashic record readings can provide individuals with a deeper understanding of their soul's purpose and journey, helping them gain insights into past lives, their present circumstances, and their future path. By accessing the records, individuals can also gain a clearer understanding of their unique strengths, challenges, and talents, and receive guidance on how to navigate the journey of their soul.
As a talented Akashic Records reader with over 700 readings, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my clients from all over USA. My gift for accessing the Akashic Records and my extensive training in the field sets me apart from others and allows me to provide deep, transformative readings to those seeking guidance and insight.
My gift requires dedication and practice to hone and refine. My training in the field has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to interpret the information I receive during a reading, providing my clients a powerful report detailing all the insights and guidance from your Akashic Records.
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Who am I?


What information will be revealed in the PDF report of your Akashic record reading?

* Your Soul group of origination (Planetary System) -  The soul group of origination is one of the cornerstones of a soul profile, because it determines how you see and perceive the world around you, how you approach all areas of your life, and how you manifest in the physical world.
* Your Archangelic Realm of training –your purpose on Earth
* Your primary and secondary lessons and what percentage of them did you achieve – you’ll understand why you attract repetitive patterns in your life
* Your Soul Training – your soul specialization, it is about the spiritual wisdom that you carry deep in your soul
* Your Soul’s Special Gifts - It is about the gift of your soul that flows naturally, powerfully and without effort.
* Vows
* The number of lifetimes on Earth incarnation
* The periods in history that you’ve incarnated
* The spiritual traditions/religions that you have participated in
* Your roles you’ve repeatedly played in your past lives.
* Your intuitive gifts
* Secondary Godspark - Some souls are gifted with a secondary Godspark in order to fulfill their soul’s purpose

To receive your personalized Akashic Records reading, I ask that you first fill out a form with your personal information: full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth, email, phone, and a recent photo of yourself (make sure you have it ready to upload). Once the form is submitted, you will be prompted to proceed with payment. After I receive your payment and form, I will begin preparing your reading.
My Akashic Records reading typically range from 30-40 pages and is delivered in PDF report via email within 7 days.
Please note that all information shared during the reading will be kept strictly confidential. My goal is to provide you with the most accurate and insightful reading possible, so please ensure that all information provided in the client form is accurate and complete. 

it works?

Unveil the immense potential of Akashic Records through my exceptional personalized PDF report, which span between 20-30 pages and are crafted with exquisite attention to detail.

Please note!

By ordering a reading from me, you consent to me accessing and reading your Akashic Records. Please understand that this is a deeply personal and spiritual experience, and I take the responsibility of accessing your Records very seriously. I will keep all information confidential and only share what I believe is necessary to support your journey.
Please also note that I only offer readings to individuals who are at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, please do not order a reading.
Finally, please be aware that
I do not offer third-party readings. The Akashic Records are a deeply personal experience, and it is important that the person seeking the reading is the one who is directly involved in the process. Thank you for your understanding.


What makes Akashic Records reading worth purchasing?

Gain Insight into

Your Soul's Journey


The Akashic Records are said to contain information about your soul's journey across lifetimes. By accessing your Records, you can gain valuable insights into your life purpose, soul contracts, and karmic patterns. This can help you make more informed decisions and live a more fulfilling life.

Explore the potential of Akashic Records through my excellent personalized PDF reports, which span 20-30 pages and are tailored to your specific needs.

Wow Claudia,
Thank you so much. that was so accurate as I have experienced so many things that resonated in that. In fact, one crazy detail is about the Vikings and Odin and freya because in the last two months I’ve gotten 3 Viking related tattoos and have been really drawn to the Viking culture and then you said so many ties to it. I also am very into Astro photography. 
So many things lined up. I’m in the beginning of a major spiritual awakening so having so much clarity is so helpful. You have an amazing gift. Thank you for your time. It was very appreciated. Even my family read this and we’re just blown away by so many accurate statements. My kids have been telling me I’m an alien for years so they got a kick out of the nihal portion. Have a blessed evening my friend. 

Brheanna Riley

I had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic Record reading from Claudia and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience. Her report was well-written, informative, and provided me with valuable insights about my past, present, and future. I was amazed by the accuracy of the information she presented and felt truly seen and understood in a way that I haven't experienced before. Claudia's reading brought me clarity, inspiration, and motivation to continue on my path with a greater sense of purpose and direction. Thank you, Claudia. Amazing experience!

Laura B Watson
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